Strong media relations is often a key to success for technology companies.

Inspire with the story.

Media outlets whose focus is on technology seek inspirational companies and products breaking new ground. Emerging trends, case studies and relevant metrics all matter in the world of tech perhaps more than in any other vertical. The more innovative a product or story is — the more likely to attract the attention of technology and business journalists.

Targeting is vital to achieving placement.

With innovation and subject matter expertise as our goal, ERPR delves into our client’s businesses by first asking scores of questions of leadership, engineering and R&D teams to understand differentiators and uncover hidden gems. ERPR then tailors the stories to select reporters and outlets for the subject matter. For example, one product pitch may attract a consumer technology magazine whereas the same product story can be reshaped from a financial perspective to align more effectively with a niche tech outlet. The X factor is targeting. ERPR does not blast releases out over the wire in hopes of arbitrary placements but encourages clients to focus on storylines that have intrinsic importance and value to attract the attention of journalists effectively.

ERPR moves at the pace of technology.

Each step of the way, ERPR works with tech companies using our methodology to organize and manage story development. We move at the rapid pace of technology. Our project scopes are relatively short in comparison to other media relations companies; most range between eight and twelve weeks. This enables technology companies to work on targeted publicity during essential fundraising, product development and launch phases without having to commit to a twelve-to-24 month retainer.