The story is the most important component at ERPR.


Since the beginning of time, humans have connected through stories. Whether shared around the campfire, on porches or via Facebook. They join us in a common bond.


The Story

All of our work starts with a narrative.

ERPR’s team is comprised of experienced advisors who submit stories that inspire interest from influential media outlets.

We respect journalists too much to submit generic storylines to them.

ERPR focuses on generating stories that resonate with both media outlets and reporters. Whether we are working for our clients to establish them as subject matter experts within their industry or to increase event attendance, every effort begins with a story.

It is ERPR’s goal to capture attention and spark genuine interest.

We ask many questions of our clients so we can deliver pertinent answers to the press; we provide weekly check-in meetings to ensure alignment; and ERPR follows-up with a Media Coverage Report at the end of each project cycle that outlines the value of the exposure secured.

The Storyline