Case Studies


Technology Case Study

A startup company had an urgency to increase awareness while premiering a network of 360-degree video and virtual reality content.

A premier network of 360-degree video and virtual reality content was rapidly growing thanks to meaningful partnerships with well-known brands such as Discovery, Disney, National Geographic and Red Bull. Despite such collaborations, the company remained a relatively unknown brand with limited press coverage until they engaged ERPR.



Media Case Study

A new brand within a Fortune 500 media company wanted to build brand awareness to fuel sales and partnership efforts.

A company that had recently debuted within a large, legacy media corporation, tapped public relations as a tool to build brand awareness and fuel its content marketing efforts.

The company was interested in growing brand equity to fuel sales and partnership and wanted to both establish a voice in the marketplace and regularly participate in industry conversations.



Finance Case Study

A growing consumer finance startup wanted to publicize its secured seed round.

A growing technology startup focused on the consumer finance space had secured a small but notable seed round, which included backing from a well-known corporate venture arm. The company was using the funds to expand growth and fuel additional partnerships with industry heavyweights.



Technology Case Study

A technology startup was unhappy with the media secured by its retainer-based PR firm and wanted to try an alternative option.

A marketing technology startup, which had secured an early round of funding, had engaged a retainer-based PR firm and were unhappy with the lack of media coverage produced. They were looking to ramp-up public relations efforts as they entered a high-growth phase and sought additional funding rounds.



Finance Case Study

A growing alternative mutual fund company needed to pivot its strategic goals from growth to longevity while raising brand awareness.

A growing alternative mutual fund company with over $6 billion in assets under management engaged ERPR Group on a project basis over several years. ERPR successfully embarked on a series of media relation campaigns to raise brand awareness, elevate the profile of key executives and promote the company’s success in the asset management industry.



Technology Case Study

A growing technology company sought to expand its presence within the press.

After successfully engaging with ERPR on an initial project, a startup that developed a data visualization tool geared towards media companies was interested in expanding its stream of media coverage.



Finance Case Study

A growing venture capital firm required an increased awareness of their accelerator program to attract participants.

The firm’s objectives were simple: grow awareness of the program and the firm to boost interest from accelerator applicants and potential investors. ERPR developed a media outreach strategy that delivered results.