Every project is unique yet each shares one commonality: a storyline that resonates with audiences.

ERPR’s process includes developing a central narrative that works effectively across media channels. Our methodology is designed to uncover what’s essential, identify strengths and differentiators while defining goals. This knowledge empowers us to target the most relevant media outlets and reach our client’s most valuable target audiences through compelling storytelling.

We work strategically, and we also move quickly. Our average project life cycle is merely eight weeks.


Phase One: Discovery

In the Discovery Phase, ERPR interviews key stakeholders to uncover essential stories that are both relevant and timely. We draft storylines to showcase industry and product expertise and highlight the strength of the brand. ERPR ensures the individual and corporate objectives are aligned with the industry narrative and defines how the story fits effectively within the marketplace’s dialogue. From here, impactful headlines and sound bites begin to emerge to help inform the media outreach strategy.


Phase Two: Strategic Planning

In Phase Two, ERPR develops a media outreach strategy based upon the goals, topics and target audiences defined in Phase One. While developing the storylines, we compile a targeted media list of potential content, media partners for submissions and expert commentary. Our goal is to generate immediate coverage as well as establish long-term viability for our clients. We place a strong emphasis on each client’s subject matter expertise to position them and their brands for upcoming editorial opportunities. ERPR provides weekly updates and phone briefings to assure clarity across teams.


Phase Three: Execute

Phase Three continues the tactical execution of the plan. ERPR implements the media strategy and releases the developed materials to targeted outlets or in the case of interviews, our executive staff coaches the client beforehand to ensure they are confident about their message and delivery. We secure coverage and strengthen relationships that introduce the company or brand to the media and ultimately to target audiences. ERPR positions each story for longevity and coordinates post-event outreach to attract additional coverage.


Phase Four: Placements

In Phase Four, we complete the development of the most influential storylines and target the best editorial fit for the story. ERPR guides the client’s subject matter experts in the development of technical or product specific content. We provide coaching to develop sticky sound bites and attract memorable coverage. Our executive team coordinates the submission process, makes relevant introductions and in the case of live or virtual events, pre-event coverage begins as we advance towards the live event. Often we collaborate with the client’s communication team or partner with designers to generate infographics, photographs and illustrations to support specific placement.


Phase Five: Coverage

At the end of each project, ERPR delivers an easy-to-consume report that summarizes coverage, links and audience metrics. Our reports are designed to share, so they are ready to use in your quarterly report, present to your stakeholders or to help plan your next media event.