ERPR is a team of seasoned media specialists inspired by meaningful projects.

We are proven experts in executive thought leadership, corporate communication and event publicity. EPPR crafts engaging messages that resonate with journalists and audiences.

Founder and CEO, Renee Sieli

Founder and CEO, Renee Sieli


2016 Young PR Executive of the Year

ANA Business Marketing NYC's Global Ace Awards; ERPR won:

  • 2016 Executive Visibility Campaign Global Ace Award

  • 2016 BtoB Campaign of the Year Global Ace Award winner

Founder and CEO, Renee Sieli

Renee Sieli is the founder and CEO of the boutique PR firm ERPR. ERPR is headquartered in New York City and works with clients across the United States and Europe.

Renee began her career as a coordinator for Fox News Channel, then moved from television to the WPP public relations firm Glover Park Group (GPG). After a few years, Renee felt a strong desire to begin a new kind of media relations firm: one that works on projects, not retainers, and focuses on success metrics not solely placements. She believes strongly that placements and success are not always equal.

Renee strives to achieve the most strategic placements for ERPR’s clients.

Remaining focused on the goal at hand is the foundation of ERPR’s success under Renee’s leadership. This eliminates distractions that can derive from splitting time between critical projects and less valuable communication materials. Projects are defined in advance as well as timelines. This empowers ERPR to focus 100 percent on achieving the right placements.

ERPR never transfers projects from senior leadership to junior staffers.

As is often too familiar a practice in PR, junior staffers take over for executives and advanced specialists after the kick-off call. Renee has heard the stories time-and-time again from clients. ERPR does not implement this practice. ERPR may bring in industry experts to manage certain aspects of projects however. For instance, if a client’s product is remarkably technical in a specific niche such as artificial intelligence in financial services, ERPR will draw from its talent pool of experienced partners to craft storylines that only the most seasoned subject matter expert can accomplish. This increases the ability to penetrate into media threads that are the most significant and often the most challenging to reach.

Renee holds a B.A. in Political Communication from The George Washington University where she graduated magna cum laude. She lives with her husband, Bill, in New York City.

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ERPR works across industries with Fortune 500 leadership teams and founders of start-ups alike.


ERPR has executed winning press strategies for clients crossing a variety of industries.


We work with media, financial services, entertainment and technology companies to achieve impactful coverage.

The measure of ERPR’s expertise is in the relevant placements we have achieved for every one of our clients.

ERPR has successfully managed an array of publicity plans spanning corporate communication to thought leadership campaigns and we love what we do. It comes through clearly in our insatiable curiosity. We acknowledge we’ll never know our client's products and services as well as they do, but we get as close to their knowledge as possible by researching and asking scores of questions.

ERPR’s approach is very straightforward.

We believe collaboration and education are keys to success and we ensure all stakeholders understand the language of PR before commencing. As in all industries, PR has its own vocabulary and we believe breaking these barriers down is vital to the ability to move forward collaboratively with clients.

We apply our proven methodology to enable speed and accuracy.

On every project, no matter how large or small, we implement our proven methodology to support progress. Under founder Renee Sieli’s management, ERPR delivers a clear roadmap with milestones and metrics to align everyone on the path to success. Renee never allows ERPR to take credit for a “pick up” of a story triggered by release sites like PR Newswire and Business Wire. However, she freely accepts and shares credit with her clients for stories that are written and placed by ERPR.

Time is money. ERPR strives to maximize our client’s resources.

ERPR’s project fees generally start under $20,000 and include weekly check-ins, status calls and reporting, so you understand the course of your media relations project while it is happening — not weeks later.