ERPR Group specializes in external communications on a project basis. We help companies, conferences and individual entrepreneurs reach their key audiences via strategic media relations and publicity campaigns.

As one of the only consultancies specializing in public relations on a project basis, ERPR Group provides a unique structure to help brands accomplish their communication goals. Our philosophy is to work smarter – acute attention to detail, real-time feedback, creative problem solving, strong relationships with media and a lean team – to achieve results for each and every client we partner with.

ERPR Group’s services include:

  • Developing strategic media outreach for local, national and/or international press coverage
  • Creating tailored media list[s]
  • Pitching, securing, coordinating and tracking media coverage
  • Creating messaging documents, media alerts, media advisories, press releases, opinion editorials, and other press materials
  • Providing onsite event staffing to manage media and assisting with logistical support
  • Coordinating and facilitating event participants, when appropriate, and engagement with media
  • Conducting media and presentation trainings for event spokesperson[s] and participant[s] as needed