All publicity begins with a story.
Are you ready to tell yours?


ERPR has secured press coverage for every project we’ve worked on by crafting stories that resonate with audiences.


We pinpoint relative placements.

ERPR’s executive team refined our skills at major news networks. Consuming news and media content on a daily basis, we have an incredible sense of what works, what doesn’t and why.

ERPR’s structure is proven to help brands accomplish their communication goals in a short timeframe without neglecting long-term strategy.


ERPR serves sectors spanning finance, technology, media and entertainment. We serve both startups and Fortune 500 companies.


We focus on three primary market segments: financial services, technology and media and entertainment.

Each of these compelling industries are experiencing significant disruptions due to emerging technologies, shifts in legislation and reactive consumer behavior. Media opportunities abound.

ERPR Founder Renee Sieli had a strong desire to begin a new kind of media relations firm.

Working as an account supervisor for a highly-successful PR firm and on the frontlines in cable news, Renee observed industry leaders missing tremendous media opportunities because their stories were being submitted as blanket press releases or distributed over the wire. In response, she begin sketching out a new model for media relations — one that works for startups and for the Fortune 500.

ERPR was founded to serve clients differently.

ERPR works on a project basis, not on a retainer, and Renee never takes credit for pick-ups from the wire as a success metric. Instead, she leads her team to serve side-by-side with leadership and communication directors to precisely define unique points of differentiation and generate stories that are of interest to media outlets and their reporters. This empowers us to focus on the top two to three stories at a time and remove distractions.

Our methodology helps us serve all levels of an organization.

We have found that setting a level playing field when we start a project helps ensure success. On our kick-off call in Phase 01, we cover process, timing and keywords. This empowers everyone from the most junior team member to the CEO to have the same understanding of goals, vocabulary and priorities.

ERPR works quickly and efficiently to maximize our client’s time and budget.

Our project fees generally start under $20,000 and include weekly check-ins, status calls and reporting, so you understand the course of your media relations project while it is happening — not weeks later.


ERPR has secured a range of media coverage including feature stories, expert commentary and op-ed placements in the world’s most influential press.