Who We Serve

Founders and Startups


ERPR works differently than traditional firms. We help even the most vigorously transformative brands —quickly.

ERPR implements our methodology and rapidly deploys a communications infrastructure despite potentially limited resources. Because ERPR does not require an annual engagement, we can design a program that fits a rapidly transforming and growing organization for several months or even weeks. Our project fees generally start under $20,000 and include weekly check-ins, status calls and reporting, so you understand the course of your media relations project while it is happening — not weeks later.

Join the conversation as an established brand.

We help develop quantitative stories that ERPR can share with reporters to help shape your brand. By formalizing the PR structure, your firm will seem more established. It is essential that startups and smaller businesses join in the marketplace’s conversation. Sometimes this is as simple as responding to an editorial or broadcast by opposing, highlighting or complementing it. Sometimes it means securing a place at the table at your industry’s most influential events.

Press is the most affordable way to reach audiences.

When you’re struggling to make your product launch, pay your staff and secure VC — sometimes PR seems out of reach. ERPR makes it possible because we work strategically, on a per project basis and we position each story for longevity and coordinate outreach to attract additional coverage. PR is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve brand recognition, introduce your products to target audiences and help secure the attention of financiers.


How will people learn about your brand, develop interest in investing and a desire to work with you if you don’t tell them why they should care? PR offers opportunities that traditional advertising just can’t because it showcases your knowledge and expertise and extends beyond far beyond promotion.