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The C-Suite has transformed from exclusively leadership to boots-on-the-ground.

The C-Suite has changed tremendously in the past decade. Previously, leaders reached the C-suite, and their technical and functional expertise mattered less than leadership skills and a firm grasp of business fundamentals. Today most executives must straddle their leadership role and a functional one in their organizations. Often this requires the CEO, CIO, CFO and even legal counsel be able to articulate the business's vision and also describe the nuances of its technology, products and sophisticated service mode to stakeholders, the media and at events.

Executive leadership must support the enterprise, not just the project-at-hand.

ERPR works side-by-side with these individuals to uncover how they can engage with audiences while promoting the unique aspects of the business. Our team of media relations experts draws from the broad experience of the C-Suite to transform business goals into relevant narratives. We coach leaders to think about the enterprise rather than their specific function. We work with them to create stories that resonate across their organization and support long-term media viability.

Each project is a chapter in a much larger story.

For instance, in one project we may introduce a new product. In the next, ERPR may assist in communicating the details of innovation in supply chain management of the product. Each one can benefit from commentary from the CIO to legal counsel. How does technology drive product evolution? How does the enterprise mitigate risk while serving citizens from countries around the world?


Functional specialists outnumber MBA heads of business units today[1]. This requires a much more strategic approach to media relations. ERPR works as a partner to the C-Suite.