Who We Serve

Communication Directors

Communication Directors

One director. Many roles.

Communication Directors often serve many roles. They must create and execute an enterprise-wide communication strategy, manage large staffs, generate ad hoc collateral and reports while supporting marketing and sales.

Think of us as support staff.

When ERPR works with Communication Directors and their teams, we work as an extension of the group. We have the advantage of seeing materials and products for the first time and recovering value. ERPR reviews the marketing pipelines and helps define what is needed, what can be expanded on and what can be eliminated.

Maximizing media relations budgets is key.

We know how hard Communication Directors strive to ensure vital press coverage to maximize marketing budgets further. ERPR uses our methodology to breakdown each project into five distinct phases. This allows us to work together to discover who are the most capable participants in the organization for a press campaign. We explore repurposing and expanding current collateral and content to expedite projects rapidly and effectively. Also, ERPR creates recurring opportunities for press coverage to help streamline the strategic planning process for directors. Think of us as your partner in media relations on projects that require extra support including brand launches, crisis management and corporate expansions.


Directors of Communications often need extra support as they work to supervise their staff, create communication strategies and serve as a spokesperson for their enterprise. ERPR helps by working side-by-side to steer specific projects that require extra attention to guarantee their success.