Technology Case Study

A technology startup was unhappy with the media secured by its retainer-based PR firm and wanted to try an alternative option.



Secure press coverage that builds brand awareness to bolster sales and fundraising.

A marketing technology startup, which had secured an early round of funding, had engaged a retainer-based PR firm and were unhappy with the lack of media coverage produced. They were looking to ramp-up public relations efforts as they entered a high-growth phase and sought additional funding rounds.

The startup looked to ERPR to design a short project that could generate immediate results and support their quest for additional funding rounds and bolster their sales pipeline.


To build off of the brand’s previous, but minimal press coverage, ERPR Group designed a timely campaign that leveraged corporate news to spearhead engagement with the press.

We used this announcement to pursue storylines that highlighted previous client successes and the various industries which their sales team targeted.

ERPR recommended a campaign that hinged on the company’s latest product launch: an app. Using this timely hook, we were able to generate immediate interest from press and deliver the media coverage the startup needed in its ongoing fundraising process. We designed a strategic outreach plan to generate news coverage as well as feature stories of the brand in a range of media outlets.


Over eight weeks, ERPR secured a range of coverage for the brand in both trade publications and consumer publications.


Sample Coverage:

ERPR believes a strong story is at the base of all relevant press coverage. Below are a few of the outlets that reported on our client, a marketing technology startup needing to build brand awareness to support sales and fundraising.