Technology Case Study

A new brand within a Fortune 500 media company wanted to build brand awareness to fuel sales and partnership efforts.



Build brand awareness in a hypercompetitive market with no reliance on the news or established content.

A company that had recently debuted within a large, legacy media corporation, tapped public relations as a tool to build brand awareness and fuel its content marketing efforts.

The company was interested in growing brand equity to fuel sales and partnership and wanted to both establish a voice in the marketplace and regularly participate in industry conversations. With a limited amount of content in the pipeline, they looked to ERPR to develop storylines that would interest reporters and support business development efforts.


ERPR designed a media outreach campaign centered on thought leadership and building brand awareness. With no news in the pipeline, we leveraged the expertise of company executives to secure consistent coverage.

We recommended a campaign that highlighted the brand’s expertise and unique offerings in the market in a variety of storylines. If we could showcase the company’s wide range of expertise, and develop storylines that spoke to current trends in the industry, we would be able to generate strategic coverage in a short timeframe.

The cornerstone of our media outreach was tapping the expertise of the executive team. Several seasoned professionals on staff offered unique insights into topics like consumer insight, data, political advertising and ad fraud. ERPR crafted storylines that highlighted each expertise and targeted both ad trades and industry trades that created key engagement opportunities for the sales team.


Over six months, ERPR secured a range of coverage in many industry publications.


Sample Coverage:

ERPR believes a strong story is at the base of all relevant press coverage. Below are a few of the outlets that reported on our client, a Fortune 500 media company launching a new brand.