Technology Case Study

A growing technology company sought to expand its presence within the press.



After successfully engaging with ERPR on an initial project, a startup that developed a data visualization tool geared towards media companies was interested in expanding its stream of media coverage.

As a brand building and fundraising tool, they found press coverage quite impactful and wanted to continue to generate fresh content. The company had a new product launch in the pipeline and wanted to continue to build a thought leadership profile for the brand as it interfaced with potential investors and potential new clients. The startup looked to ERPR to both design and execute a media engagement campaign that could extend the shelf life of their story in the press and create additional engagement opportunities with key audiences.


We leveraged the timeliness of the company news, in this case a new product launch, to generate immediate news coverage.

ERPR designed a campaign intended to generate immediate results. We leveraged the announcement to pursue and secure feature stories that told the brand’s story in-depth. We supplemented that coverage with expert commentary and byline opportunities for company leadership to further build a thought leadership profile.

The variety of storylines that we crafted highlighted the different aspects of the startup, and allowed us to approach a range of publications and create engagement with a variety of key audiences.


A collection of coverage, in both trade and consumer publications, was secured over the course of four weeks.


Sample Coverage:

ERPR believes a strong story is at the base of all relevant press coverage. Below are a few of the outlets that reported on our client, a rapidly growing technology company seeking product exposure.