Finance Case Study

A fast-growing venture capital firm had an interest in boosting deal flow and interfacing with institutional investors.



Increase brand awareness to boost deals, application to its accelerator program and build notoriety as they began raising another fund.

A growing venture capital firm looked to PR to raise awareness of their firm’s activities, which included seed investing, an expanding accelerator program and a successful deployment of funds. The firm wanted to boost interest from accelerator applicants as well as potential investors as they prepared to raise a second, more expansive fund.

After a successful initial campaign with ERPR, the firm looked to extend its engagement. ERPR would manage its media relations efforts, as well as develop the strategy to maximize interest and engagement with key audiences.


ERPR developed an initial media outreach strategy that coupled timely news announcements with partner expertise to introduce the firm to the media, as well as provide consistent touchpoints from which they could generate additional coverage.

Building upon that success, we crafted various storylines that showcased both the firm’s success and its unique offerings. Our brand-centric storylines focused on the firm’s strengths and tapped everything from interesting investments to lessons learned from reviewing thousands of accelerator applications. The resulting coverage separated the firm from a growing and crowded space, which was beneficial both for their potential investments and their investors.


Over four months, ERPR substantially grew the firm’s presence, within a variety of trade and business publications:


Sample Coverage:

ERPR believes a strong story is at the base of all relevant press coverage. Below are a few of the outlets that reported on our client, a fast-growing venture capital firm seeking to boost deal flow.